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About Tan2Win

Tan2Win, it’s all in the name..

As a former figure competitor witnessing the varying standards of the tanning process, the lack of customer service and disheartening tanning stories from athletes; my husband Curtis and I recognized the tanning experience needed an overhaul. Curtis had experience in the airbrush tanning industry and extensive background in engineering and design. I am a Speech Language Pathologist specializing in communication with a diverse background in business development. We made a commitment to utilize our knowledge and skill sets to influence a positive change in the industry and the sport we love. As a result, Tan2Win was forged with two core goals. (1) To re-innovate the industries tanning process with cutting-edge technology and products. (2) To rebirth and implement old-fashioned, genuine customer service.

Beginning in our second year, we introduced our newly developed, “Tan Handler” air filtration system. Our one of a kind system leaves the room air void of overspray mist creating a much cleaner environment for the athlete, employee, facility and allows a much quicker dry time. The high velocity filtered air is exhausted through a rear opening that is used as a finishing dryer. This innovation ensures the highest quality along with the quickest “start to finish” airbrush spray tan in the industry. Also in our second year, we introduced our newly designed interactive website in which the athlete may choose and schedule convenient tanning, hair and makeup appointment times.

The pursuit of our second goal has been a joyful journey that has allowed us to meet and develop genuine, long-lasting relationships with friends from all over the world. We believe each of our clients deserves to receive not only the best winning tan but one delivered by highly trained professionals. This customer service concept is not just a goal, it is a standard. As our name implies, we want our clients to Tan2Win with us!

Finally, after many years of hard work, education, research and dedication, we at Tan2Win find ourselves among an elite group of professional airbrush tanning artists. We have had the privilege of providing airbrush tanning services to a significant portion of the world’s top IFBB Pro’s and thousands of NPC athletes from more than 30 countries. The year 2018 marks a new and exciting chapter for all of us at Tan2Win as we partner with the amazing team at Pro Tan to bring the industry even more technology, services and standards that we feel will continue to redefine the industry.

We feel blessed that Tan2Win and Pro Tan share many mutual visions that will no doubt reshape and improve this amazing industry now and in the future.