Platinum Tanning Package

Platinum Tanning Package

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● Private Tan: One-on-One with Artist
● Choice of Male or Female Airbrush Artist
● Up to 30 Minute Session on Friday
● Precision Focus: Hairline, Nails, Elbows, etc.
● Base Tan: Friday
● Competition Tan: Saturday
● Backstage: Prejudging Tan Touch-ups
● Backstage: Evening Show Tan Touch-ups
● Backstage: Prejudging Glaze Application
● Backstage: Evening Glaze Application
● Suit Gluing & Assistance (as needed)
● Nail Cleaning
● Phone Consultation (if requested)

Skin preparation is a vital step in the competition tanning process. For optimal results, follow the below skin preparation instructions.

1 week before your tanning appointment or first application, begin exfoliating the skin using Get Buffed®. Be sure not to be too abrasive in the process of exfoliation to avoid damaging the skin. Evenly exfoliate the body and include commonly missed areas like the back, feet and neck.

You may utilize a moisturizer for dry skin; however, stop the use of lotions 24 hours before tanning with 1 final exfoliation of the body before your tanning appointment.

For body hair removal, we recommend using Hair Away®, a gentle, cream hair remover that is effective on rice grain length hair. After use, exfoliate well.

If you choose professional wax, it is recommended to patch test an area of the body with your hair removal professional to guarantee the best results. Waxing should be completed at least 5 days before the contest to ensure you have removed all potential remnants of the wax product. Failure to do so can result in uneven color development.

If shaving, complete this no later than 12 hours before the first tanning appointment and finish with an exfoliation session to remove remnants of any conditioning, cream, or oil-based shaving products.

Once the tanning process has begun, no further exfoliation or hair removal methods can be completed. Do not use deodorant, perfume, lotions, or other skin topicals when attending your tanning appointment.