Skin Prep Instructions

“Skin prep it to a tan as food prep is to a physique”
The Perfect Airbrush Tan Begins with Proper Skin Preparation

Follow these steps precisely to have the best tan possible!

7 to 14 days before your airbrush appointment, begin your skin prep regimen. A few days prior to your tan is NOT enough.

STOP waxing 14 days before your airbrush appointment.

Start full body exfoliating 14 days before your appointment. We recommend using Pro Tan Get Buffed (You can purchase Get Buffed @ and with our discount code TAN2WIN gives you 10% off at checkout) or baking soda mixed with a little water to make a paste.

DO NOT USE a loofah, scrubs containing oil, mitts or harsh brushes. The harsh tools will over exfoliate your skin and the oil will prevent the tan from properly soaking into the skin.

USE the Pro Tan Get Buffed or baking soda with your hand in circular motions. These products also neutralize your skin pH to facilitate the tanning process. Exfoliate prior to shaving each day.

BEGIN full body shaving 14 days prior to your appointment (men) and 7 days prior to your appointment (women). This helps prevent razor burn and to make full body shaving easier as your show approaches. We also recommend you use a brand-new razor.

FULL BODY SHAVING makes a huge difference in the look of your skin and tan on stage.

Please use gentle body wash and body moisturizer that is water based. Any oil will create a barrier for the tan. Look at the ingredients and use things that have water or aloe as the first ingredients.


FRIDAY morning, wash your body, DO NOT EXFOLIATE, full body shave, DO NOT PUT ON
MOISTURIZER OR DEODORANT (the only exception is to use Pro Tan’s deodorant, formulated to work with your tan). We recommend showering before noon on Friday.

It’s very IMPORTANT to come to your first tanning appointment Friday with no moisturizer or deodorants on your skin.


Tanning Tips

As competitors and professionals of our wonderful sport, always remember to preserve the integrity of our beloved sport by caring for hotel and venue property by cleaning up any tanning residue you leave behind.

● Bring old King or Queen bed sheets to the hotel.
● Bring old bath towels for your bathing.
● Keep Clorox wipes with you at all times to wipe away tanning residue, fingerprints, etc.
● Carry packs of hand wipes to clean palms of hands. No hand sanitizer.
● Wear dark colored, thin clothing after tanning.
● Wear long sleeve thin tee shirt after tanning to protect tan.
● Choose loose-fitting clothes, elastic waistbands leave marks in the tan.
● No sweat tops or pants after tanning. They hold body heat that moves and causes tan to run.
● Consider wearing white waiter gloves when sleeping to prevent fingerprints on skin or face.
● Keep hotel room cool while sleeping to reduce sweating during sleep.
● Purchase travel size baby powder and a large head makeup brush to powder underarms.
● Shower and shave before noon on the day of the first tan. No exfoliation, deodorant or moisturizer.
● No showering after the tanning process begins.
● Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate beginning two weeks prior to base tan. Stop day before tan.
● Don’t stress over your tan. We can repair and maintain your tan.
● Expect and do not stress over water spots that may happen to the tan. Easily repaired.